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What is Aloha Green?

Aloha Green, LLC. cultivates and provides Hawaiian hemp products for consumers. We focus on making the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) available to Hawaii residents and supplying the world with Hawaiian hemp.

Our Story

Our story is about the history of agriculture in Hawaii and the importance of the Hakalau sugar mill. In 1878, Claus Spreckles established the Hakalau Sugar Plantation. By 1890, the Hakalu Sugar Mill was producing 5,000 tons annually. In 1913, the iconic bridge was built, but it was actually a railroad. The all-time maximum production sugar was over 26,000 tons annually and Hawaii was once the largest distributor of sugar and pineapple, with agriculture being the top industry. Then a disaster happened. On April 1, 1946, a tsunami destroyed the Hakalau sugar mill and production was halted. Since then, sugar plantation companies attempted to remain competitive in a market with declining prices by merging together. Unfortunately, this did not work and in 1994, the Hakalau plantation closed.

What we're doing

We're Reinventing Hakalau

Turning the old sugar cane mills into a hemp production center for Hawaii

Giving power back to the farmers

Our mission is to bring agriculture back to Hawaii with the use of hemp.

The average age of farmers in the United States is 58.

“I tell brokers they will soon be driving taxis. And, if they were smart they will be driving tractors, because the farmers will be driving Lamborghinis in the future.” - Jim Rogers

Bringing tourism to the Big Island

The sugarcane towns along the Hamakua coast have a declining and aging population because there is a lack of jobs and opportunity.


We want to turn the historic Hakalau sugar mill into a tourist destination.


This will create jobs and stimulate the economy.

And Making Hawaii Sustainable

85% of our food and oil is imported.

70% of our energy comes from crude oil.


In the event of a large catastrophe, Hawaii would at most last two weeks.